Older mobile homes and Zoning issues - Posted by Lynnie G

Posted by Ernest Tew on June 10, 2000 at 06:44:18:

I’m not sure about what you would like to accomplish. In one instance, you mention doing “Lonnie” deals and in another you say that you would like to sell the homes and “just landlord the dirt.” I assume you mean that you would like to sell the older rentals and leave them in place.

First of all, you may be in a good position to negotiate a lower price and/or better terms: the homes are very old (and probably very small)and the cost of moving them and setting them up again would probably exceed their value.

Be sure to determine the size of the lots in the park and if they will accommodate today’s larger mobile homes. If not, you have another strong negotiating point–and a serious handicap. With today’s easy financing for homeowners who typically look only at “how much down and how much per month,” they want to buy large, new homes. Small, older, homes are more difficult to sell. If your intentions are to upgrade the park, it will be difficult if the lots are not large enough to take at least a 14 x 70 foot home.

On the other hand, you could keep renting the older homes and view them as a temporary income stream. That, however, will require more management and maintenance on your part.

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Older mobile homes and Zoning issues - Posted by Lynnie G

Posted by Lynnie G on June 09, 2000 at 20:17:00:

I am currently looking at purchasing a mobile home park that has 19 older mobile homes (park owned) ranging from 1969 to 1973. The county they are in instituted zoning changes about 4 years ago that disallowes mobile homes older than 1976 from being placed or moved to any other location. So has most of the surrounding counties. They are granfathered in where they presently sit. Does any one think Lonnie type deals can be done on these if full disclosure is provided (that they cannot be moved). The alternative is after buying the park to replace each, one at a time, with one that meets the county zoning requirements (say around 1980 to 1985 models)and do Lonnie deals on them. They are being used as rentals now and I would like to sell them and just landlord the dirt.

Lynnie G.