older mobile? - Posted by Alex

Posted by Tim (Atlanta) on January 29, 2001 at 06:44:03:

Let’s take a look at the note and see if a buyer would be interested. At the end of this, you have a note with a face value of $10,500, 12% interest, 36 months at $348.75 per month. The note buyer is going to look at several things. You don’t mention the credit of the buyer, but that could be important. The down payment, 10% is fair. Now look at the return. You currently have $7900 in this deal ($8900 - 1000 down). You would want to make a profit for your time, right? Let’s just say $1000. So you want $8900 for a $10,500 note. If you use your financial calculator, we come up with a return to the note buyer of about 24%. That would be okay in some situations, but not in this one. The main problem you would have is the Investment To Value ratio. Here we take the wholesale value of the home (I am guessing at about $7500) and compare it to the amount of money the note buyer has in the deal ($8900). Unless you were to offer some other incentives (cross-collateralize with another note), I don’t know of a note buyer that would be interested in that note. You see, the note buyer would have more money in the home than he could readily get for it if he needs to sell.

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older mobile? - Posted by Alex

Posted by Alex on January 27, 2001 at 13:43:01:

Hi, have a question on a older mobile home. I found a seller who has a 1968 Marlete 12x68 in excellent condition asking $8,900.00. Its in a nice park and the lot has many nice features. The seller is set on his price. So what I offered, was if he would sell on land contract. I would find a buyer and then would buy the note from him for the $8,900.00. I was going to structure the note for him to be $11,500, with $1k down at 12% interest for 36 months making the payments $348.75 P&I a month. He has call me and said he has a buyer that is interested. My question is if I was to do this, is there someone out there who will buy this note from me so I don’t have my money tied up? All or part. Any information would be greatly appreciated
Thank you Alex

Re: older mobile? - Posted by Roger - Texas

Posted by Roger - Texas on January 29, 2001 at 19:01:12:

Let me add my .02 to Tim’s great follow-up. He mentioned the credit of the buyer but the payment history on that note is also important. Your note would be a new or green note and therefore less valuable to a note buyer than an older note with a good payment history, a seasoned note.