Online CASHFLOW Game Particpants - Posted by karp


Posted by karp on March 09, 1999 at 03:35:51:

Hi Folks,

I can’t sleep and you all know why. Right. My body has adjusted to Dallas Convention Time.

So, earlier tonite I played CASHFLOW with some friends and it got me to reflecting…

For those of you who own CASHFLOW, I will be initiating and running an online session. This will be limited to 5 participants. I expect the whole game to take about 2 weeks. Summary results will be available for public viewing but this is NOT a competition, rather just another opportunity to fine tune the real estate gray matter.

Please email me AWAY from this list if you would like to join in or get details.



ps: I will not be playing but will be strictly facilitating and troubleshooting the game’s progress.