Online Mortgage Brokers ?? - Posted by Frederick Waller

Posted by todd b on February 21, 2001 at 23:21:47:

I have used Last December I refied a house at better rates (3/4%) than I could get through my local bankers. I actually was just “playing” around the internet and figured ‘what the heck’. I was VERY PLEASED with the speed,help, professionalism, costs etc, etc, etc. I did barter a bit on thier origination fees (lump sum and not broken down). I would not rule them out of my future business. Don’t expect much from the ‘closer’ that will actually meet with you to close/sign the documents. They are ussually a contracted person and not a direct ditech employee. By the way, ditech is part of GMAC. The one thing I really liked was that the appraiser they sent out appraised my property 5K higher than what I mentioned to him I needed…don’t forget to slide that in! I know my market was about 20% less than what I got! Maybe I was just lucky?

Online Mortgage Brokers ?? - Posted by Frederick Waller

Posted by Frederick Waller on February 21, 2001 at 09:59:51:

Has anyone ever used an online mortgage broker like eloan ?

If so, what were your experiences like ??

Where the closing costs comparable or lower ?

Where the interest rates better or worse than traditional mortgage brokers ?

General pros and cons would be great