Overwhelmed ... need a little guidance - Posted by M. Jamal Green

Posted by Todd (MO) on March 18, 2001 at 22:28:17:

There are a lot of good courses on here, but if you are looking for something to give a good overall exposure to the various aspects of real estate investing. I would go with Carleton Sheets course to start. Then when you find the area(s) that interest you, get one of the more focused products on here. Bronchick and Kaiser are good, as well as many others.

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Overwhelmed … need a little guidance - Posted by M. Jamal Green

Posted by M. Jamal Green on March 18, 2001 at 21:31:10:

Hi everyone, I just became a member of the CREOnline website a couple of weeks ago, and I must say that this has got to be THE most awesome site for Creative Real Estate Investment information in the world.

There are so many courses on this web site, and I wish I had the money to buy them all. However, since I’m on the LIMITED budget, I seek the advice of those of you who have been in the business for a while…be it paper, rehabs, flips, or mobile homes. If you could recommend a few of CREOnline Offered courses, which would they be? I’m looking for a good mix that will give me a good solid on all the creative real estate techniques (Lease Optioning, Paper, Flips, How to finance when you’ve got shaky credit, Asset protection through corporate structures, etc.)

Thank you very much for you help, and I look forward to sharing my success stories with all of you.

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