Owner financing rehabs @ gaining pass. month. inc. - Posted by Justin

Posted by Brent_IL on September 14, 2003 at 20:05:44:

I know that people do this, but it always seemed like a waste of a rehab to me. A finished rehab is the equivalent of new construction. I would sell it for cash or hang on to it. Ron Guy said he acquires his Section eight buildings at lower prices by rehabbing.

I guess it depends on your personal definition of rehab. I try to divest immediately by seller financing, but all I ever do is patch, paint, carpet, and plant a tree. In my mind, these aren?t rehabs. When I sell on CFD, the long-term fix-up costs pass to the new buyer.

I would think that if you are shooting for cash flow that there are plenty of houses available that could be utilized for this purpose that require much less money upfront than does a rehab.

This is only one opinion that I based on the sole goal of cash flow. True rehabbers will have different ideas. I?d listen to them.

Owner financing rehabs @ gaining pass. month. inc. - Posted by Justin

Posted by Justin on September 14, 2003 at 15:13:34:

Hi everyone,

I have heard about a few investors who have done rehabs and then turned around and owner financed the completed project, turning around and giving themselves an impressive monthly passive income…I have also read a few of Wade B. Cooks’s books, he does the same thing. Any investors out there who practices this type of investing?? Also if anyone has any thoughts or opinions about this, it would be greatly apprechiated…thank you in advance for all of your time…