Park City Training information for July 24-28th. - IMPORTANT! - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on May 17, 2000 at 10:52:30:

We have been emailing and mailing out to people that have the video course about getting registered to come to the Park City 5 day training.

Several have said something to the effect of “aren’t I already registered?” or “Didn’t I register at the convention?”

NO. You qualify and you can come, but we need to know if you will be and whether you are bringing a spouse, etc. We also need to send further materials out to those who are coming to further prepare.

AND - the hotel isn’t included and will need to have your arrangements for a room. We do not make the reservations, but have set aside some rooms at the Prospector Square Hotel at a special rate. Those rooms are almost gone and the whole city may fill up for that date. It is a state holiday at a popular resort, so there may not be rooms anywhere nearby.

So, if you haven’t contacted us by email at: and contacted the Prospector Square Hotel, then you will need to. If you are bringing anyone along that will not be attending the seminar, or will be coming out before the seminar or staying later after it is over, that would be helpful to know so we can schedule some optional activities.

And - we’re looking forward to seeing you there.