Park Manager also the Park Realtor - Posted by Karl

Posted by steve on January 25, 2000 at 14:41:42:

You might want to throw the PM a bone, while you’re at it. Considering that the PM may well dictate whether or not you work in that park again, stroking his/her ego could be cheap job security. A bottle of wine or other nominal gift, along with a lot of, “Gosh, I sure am glad you’re running a tight ship, here…”

The PM may be too busy to do any sales, but that won’t stop him from making your life miserable if he thinks you’re horning in on his territory.

Park Manager also the Park Realtor - Posted by Karl

Posted by Karl on January 24, 2000 at 17:59:04:

I looked at an '87 2br 14X70 today in great shape, older women moving into a house to retire. The park manager also runs the realty office at this huge park. The park manager wants to sign her up to sell for a $1000 commission. She called my add to see what I would offer. After talking with her, she’s realized the realtor would probably take at least several months to get around to selling her home. (I helped her come to that conclusion). Her bags are already packed. I offer quick cash in a week, her price starts dropping like a rock. So its mine.

Here’s my question. After I get this under contract, I need to clear the sell with this very same park manager (don’t I?). I’ve never met him. What do I say to him? Do I just buy it as if I’m the homeowner, then sell it with no explanations? I don’t want to ruin any future deals in that park by looking like I’m stealing his deals in his park. There’s plenty of other parks, but this MH just fell in my lap. I’ve got a list of buyers, several all cash, wanting to move into that area (one cash buyer wants to put his mother-in-law in a nice 2 bedroom, wants to spend twice as much as I’m buying this one for). Any suggestions?


The Park Mang/Park Dealer and why I don’t like that combo - Posted by Dirk Roach

Posted by Dirk Roach on January 24, 2000 at 18:25:36:

Hi welcome to the wonderful world of Mh’s (aka Lonnie Deals).
I don’t know your location, and or the park in your above post. However the General rule of thumb is KNOW AND MAINTAIN a positive relationship with the PM (park Manager).
This is done utilizing various methods (keeping in contact, finders fee etc.)
Taking commissions is not a good way to start things off.
This is one reason that I personally avoid playing in a park with an in house dealer. I have learned from experience.

See here’s the score. In a Lonnie deal, simply buying a MH for a great price is the EASY part. Anyone can do it. Selling the home is also EASY. Getting people approved into the park is were the fun (Sarcastic tone) comes into it.
The Majority of folks that you are going to show this home to are not the most (credit speaking) desirable folks in town.
The relationship that you have with the Park Manager will determine whether these folks can be in the park or not.
And if they are miffed at you, what do they care if anyone ever moves into that home at all. Why should they? YOU AS THE OWNER are on the hook for the space rent anyhow.
So where is the downside for them?
As for flimflamming around and trying to do things without them knowing about it will not work.
Parks are like little kingdoms and PM’s are like little kings and queens.

With experience there comes a way of feeding out info. You can’t give too much or they start to choke. And come to the realization that Yes they too could be doing this.
So you have to learn how to judge this and how to play it. Lonnie is a master at this. If you are going to the convention watch Mr. Scruggs and learn. That’s what I did. And I have to say that it has worked extremely well for me.
If there are other parks in your area with deals in them (I am almost positive that there are) I would choose these before getting stuck in the quicksand of a PM/dealer park.
Anyhow that is merely my 2 cents, good luck,

Re: Park Manager also the Park Realtor - Posted by David Alexander

Posted by David Alexander on January 24, 2000 at 18:17:49:

Make sure you can get along with the park manager before you buy the home. They can make your life H*ll, if there is a personality conflict.

Take the Park manager to lunch and see where it goes.

David Alexander

Re: The Park Mang/Park Dealer and why I don’t like that combo - Posted by Karl

Posted by Karl on January 25, 2000 at 24:07:26:

Thanks for the advice, Dirk. I called back the seller this evening, she said the park allows sellers the option of working with any realtor they chose. The park manager is so busy running the park, selling homes is low on his list of priorities. She has scheduled several meetings with the PM to list her house, he keeps cancelling. That’s why she doesn’t think he’ll move her home quickly, and she likes me and my cash. So I’ll call the PM, explain what I do, see if they mind me working that park. Maybe the PM will throw me some homes they don’t want to mess with.

In the mean time I called my cash buyer with the mother-in-law, told him I found him a great deal. Said the home was about to be listed, but if we moved right away I could save him $2k off of next weeks price. I just needed a $1k finders fee, he’s thrilled that I called him, he hasn’t found anything that’s not junk on his own (maybe he should have run an ad like mine). I’ll call the PM, get an option on the home (the seller loves me, I’m such a nice ambitious young man), sell the option to my buyer, I’m out before I’m in, and I’ve just paid for Atlanta. If my cash buyer doesn’t work out, and the PM gives me a green light, I might be forced to turn this one into a Lonnie Deal and actually make some real money.