Park Tenants Will Not Return Forms, Part Two! - Posted by JRook

Posted by Robert McNeely on March 10, 2000 at 15:38:26:

You may need to file an eviction on a couple of the worst offenders. This will get the attention of the others real quick. Things may get worse before they get better. Speaking as a landlord, you need to gain control of the situation, and quickly.

Park Tenants Will Not Return Forms, Part Two! - Posted by JRook

Posted by JRook on March 10, 2000 at 11:01:33:

Well thanks for the response to part one. It appears that being a park manager that you almost have to be a baby sitter, at least it seems that way. The park has been using the same name for over 35 years and has changed ownership several times also. The resent change was about two years ago. We live on site in a house. We have increased the value of the park over 50k, new septic lines, updated, water lines, updated electric, landscape, painting, filled vacant lots, increased lot rents, etc.

However it seems whatever we do that some of the tenants are not happy. We raised the rents only $10.00 and they had a fit. Note that we are way under market rents at this park, our rents are only $150.00 per month, which include un metered water, and septic, and weekly trash pickup. How to we go about increasing the rents without putting a real strain on the older tenants. We are about $50.00 under market rent.

Tenants will try to take advantage of owners/managers if they can. I have to repeat myself several times to the tenants in order for them to comply. Example, letters were send to all tenants that within 30 days all tenants are to have there garbage in garbage cans, and not placed out to road no earlier then 5pm the night before. Well how many tenants do you think followed the new rule? not many! These are the problems we are faced with on a weekly basics here.

Well I could go on and on with occurences that happen here, however we are just looking for a few good suggestions, so we can rectify these problems. Tenants won’t repair skirting, won’t install heat tape for winter months, won’t even shovel there own driveways, pay rent after the 10 day grace period, knowing the late fee is only $7.50 and then won’t pay the late fee. Well maybe we are just to easy on the tenants here. All suggestions are welcome and thanks for the advise.


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Posted by MDonovan on March 11, 2000 at 12:04:28:

You are sitting on a gold mine. Start digging…

I am assuming from your posts that you do not own the park. You probably work for an absentee owner who is mereley parking his money here for a decent return.

If that’s true, then your first job is to find out the owner’s true yield on this investment. Include depreciation of the MHs, etc.

Next, approach the owner about replacing all vacancies with lonnie deals. Work up a plan to show the total return on the investment, naturally, you will get a nice chunk. You should be able to double the owner’s yield while reducing his risk for MH repairs, etc. Get a book on writing business plans and use it to make a thorough presentation.

When the homes are all sold, you should have enough cash to buy your own park.

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Posted by Paul_NY on March 10, 2000 at 23:54:02:

At the convention in Atlanta, Jeffrey Taylor made a presentation. Some of his ideas caught my attention.

For one, when raising the rents, instead of $10, raise them $25 and include in the letter that if the rent raise creates any financial hardship, to call you within 5 days.

Usually the percentage of those that respond is very small (according to his presentation).

For those that call and claim financial hardship, ask them, “what do you think would be a fair middle ground?” Aha… you got 'em.

Other techniques discussed were incentives to make tenants want to perform or obey the rules such as:
If the rent is on time or late and the late fee is paid, you will contribute $100 toward the purchase price of a new home up to $3000. He then asked if there were any home builders in the room. A gentleman raised his hand. Jeffrey asked “If I bring you a qualified buyer, would you give me a 3% discount off the price of one of your new homes?” And the builder replied “Sure.” (No cost to you)

I hope these ideas will help to improve your situation. Management courses are a must. Tenants are like children, they try to get away with what they can. I believe in rewarding children for good behavior…lol.

Hope this jogs the creative mindset!


Re: Park Tenants Will Not Return Forms, Part Two! - Posted by DougO(NM)

Posted by DougO(NM) on March 10, 2000 at 17:48:32:

If at all possible, you should take the Accredited Community manager classes offered by MHEI. Check with your state manufactured housing association.


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Posted by ray@lcorn on March 10, 2000 at 17:26:42:


Are you the owner of this park?


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This post from the past may be helpful: