Park with 5 mobiles per acre too crowed? - Posted by Elizabeth SC

Posted by Tony Colella on March 23, 2006 at 16:14:02:

Sound pretty crowded for my area (but I am in the mountains with little level land).

The truth will be found in how the septic systems are set up. How many homes per tank and how many bedrooms per system. Quite often we find that older parks put 2 homes on 1 system that is only really set up for a 2 bedroom system. This can not only affect your ability to bring in newer, more modern homes but also the function of the system.

You simply may not have land to replace failed systems with. Newer inspections may not allow you to make the repairs or move new homes in if a system fails. Lots may be eliminated by the authorities if this happens.

Now all this is worst case scenario stuff but go into the deal with eyes wide open. Start with your environmental health dept. (or whatever local gov’t agency title your area has) and see what they have on file for the systems, permits, repairs, complaints etc.


Park with 5 mobiles per acre too crowed? - Posted by Elizabeth SC

Posted by Elizabeth SC on March 23, 2006 at 10:58:05:

We found a mobile home park of 42 lots. But it is only 8 acres, and each has SEPTIC tank. We worry it is too crowed and the septic tank system will be a pain to maintain. Any comments or sugggestions there?

Re: Park with 5 mobiles per acre too crowed? - Posted by Joe-Ga

Posted by Joe-Ga on March 24, 2006 at 08:01:25:

make sure noone buys a tv with remote that will work on anyone elses tv… the neighbor mightnot get to watch much of a single show. …Happy investing.!

Re: Park with 5 mobiles per acre too crowed? - Posted by TeddyB_SC

Posted by TeddyB_SC on March 23, 2006 at 22:28:57:


5 per acre might not be too crowded depending on the type of system. If each home, septic and drainfield occupied .20 of an acre, it would be difficult to do repairs on the drain field, but not impossible.

If the park is older I would not feel comfortable with that situation since they already may have been repaired or may be close to needing repairs.

What maybe the case is that each home has its own septic tank, but not its own drain field. There maybe several large drain fields(open grassy areas in the park) too which the sewage is pumped to.

I looked at a park that had 22 units on two acres with 17 septic tanks, but only a single drainfield. The park has been operating for 40 years.

Part of your DD on this park should be going to DHEC and inquiring about any problems they have had with septic issues in this park.

DHEC is a state agency so I doubt they vary from county to county. In my county if you have two homes on one septic tank they are grandfathered in. Even if you move homes in and out, or need to make repairs to the drainfield.

Also, once a system has been put in and passed inspection, you don’t need a permit to do repairs. This is where it helps to know the people that put the systems in. They can tell you everything about every property in the county.

You are smart to be concerned about a properties septic system. A visit to your local DHEC office will teach you more than you probably want to know.

Good Luck,

Re: Park with 5 mobiles per acre too crowed? - Posted by Sailor

Posted by Sailor on March 23, 2006 at 19:31:00:

Tony’s advice (as always) is excellent. The only thing I would add is not only that I had all the systems inspected, but required that each system be pumped prior to closing. I have exactly the same situation Tony described, w/4 units on only 2 systems, so I am stuck w/old units that I would prefer to replace. Know that you probably w/need a “repair permit” to change out a unit, & that you cannot change out any of the “twofers” w/out installing new systems. In fact, I was told I’d have to install FOUR new systems; i.e. I can’t just add one new septic tank if I want to do a change-out. What’s killing me is that my biggest & best lot is the only one on which sits an owner occupied unit for which I get only a paltry $100 monthly (yes, it is going up in August). I could drasticially increase my bottom line if I could put my own nice 3/2 there. The guy can’t afford to move his mh, so even if I gave him notice I’d probably still be stuck w/a junker.

Tye (who is finished whining for the evening)