I have an opportunity to purchase 3 excellent condition, off market, 100% rented doubles. I have an investor who is willing to put up the down payment
and closing costs. I have a lender that will give me a portfolio loan for the balance with a release clause. What my question is the investor who is putting up the down payment wants that amount back quickly. This means in 6 mos. or less. Can someone give me an answer or step by step?

Thanks for the Help




To respond with any detail I’d need the numbers. Purchase price, rents/exp/NOI and the terms on the bank loan and the investor funds.



I second what Ray said. Basically from what youre saying is you need to find a chunk of money to take that investor out of the deal quickly. Unless there is some sort of upside to add some value, and it doesnt sound that way, you need to find some cash. Maybe another investor to stay in with a long term note.