Plan to leave my present job, what do you think? - Posted by Chris

Posted by Anne_ND on October 04, 2003 at 19:42:32:


There are a couple of things you need to become successful at anything, including REI: focus, an understanding of the value of your own time and perseverance.

-If you are giving yourself 2 months to study for the bar exam, FOCUS on studying, don’t be off learning a new skill like title work.

-If you value your own time and skills, then don’t volunteer at a title company, insist on getting paid. By the way I don’t know why you want to do this, it will add no value to your investor skill set. People who work at title companies are employees (Kiyosaki-speak), not investors. Being a bird-dog is also probably a waste of your time. Just do the deals.

-And finally, in this great country that we live in, we are limited only by our own capacity to imagine. When you say you don’t know whether you are capable of REI, you are setting yourself up for failure. Decide that this is something you want to do, and you will do it. If you decide not to do it, then that’s okay too.

It’s not rocket science! Of course you can do it!

good luck on the bar exam,


Plan to leave my present job, what do you think? - Posted by Chris

Posted by Chris on October 03, 2003 at 12:52:40:

I plan to leave my present job as a software technician in January. I will have saved up six months of living expenses by that time. Also my hubby has my back as long as I don’t do anything totally crazy.

I plan to tax the Va bar exam in February and I want to have two months free to study.

During the two months I plan to volunteer to work parttime for a title company (20 hours per week) so that I can learn more about real estate, closing, the other RE players, banks, etc.

After the two month period I hope to get part-time work with the title company doing title processing, all the time learning the business.

Also, if REI is not something I am capable of doing (I truly hope it is) I will continue to do title work as my fall back, and even learn to do double closings that are so important to REIs.

After the bar exam, because these two months will be pretty stressful, I plan to continue to work part-time for the title company and to start birddogging then go on to wholesaling and shortsales by the end of 2004.

I have bean reading this board for about a week, but before that I was reading the Richdad board for over six months. I’ve read about six RE books and will atend a shortsale course next month. I’m joining the local REI club next week.

I am currently working a rehab project on a 1930’s family home, because no one else wanted to do it and because I am the only one with the resources. Also, I figured I could learn from this project.

Any recommendations or suggestions are appreciated. I’m so excited I probably can’t see the forest for the trees.

Oh yes, I like this board very much. I’m already learning from you guys/gals.