Pleae advise on a contaminated commercial site. - Posted by Tony Hoang

Posted by ray@lcorn on October 20, 2003 at 14:08:22:


Do you have environmental report that details the remediation measures? If not, then you’ll have to backtrack and complete the necesary steps to document the decontamination process.

I would think that whatever firm has been performing the remediation would also be qualified to write the final report indicating the site has been cleaned and the file closed with the EPA or state agency with jurisdiction. No second opinion is needed.

Once the environmental documentation is complete and available you can place the property on the market to prospective users or to the development community. You may also consider developing a small commercial building on the property for lease. That would depend entirely on local market conditions as to whether it is worth the time as opposed to a sale.


Pleae advise on a contaminated commercial site. - Posted by Tony Hoang

Posted by Tony Hoang on October 19, 2003 at 17:46:36:

Hi all,

I own a commercial site which is part of a developed strip center located in the City of Apple Valley,CA. The site is 32,000 sqt.and was formally a successful gas station. Since 1997 efforts to decontaminate the property was begun and is still underway.

I own the property fee simple and would like to get free from it. It can be develpoped. A loan is avalaible from a bank located next to the property.


1/Do I need to get a second opinion in the contamination project? And if so who do you recommend?

2/Do I need a developer to joint venture development of this site? If so who would help on this relatively small deal?

3/Or is it best to sell the land to a buyer who knows what to do with it?