please help need some advice!!! - Posted by Steve Richard

Posted by TC on February 14, 2000 at 08:17:11:

Hi Steve.I have a house that I did a nonexclusive listing with a realtor on.The realtor came to me to list this and I wanted to be able to also market the property myself.If I sell first the realtor gets no commission.
I ran a ad in the newspaper something simular to this:For Sale By Owner “No Bank Qualifing”.The phone rang off the wall.The question the callers mostly had was what does the no bank qualify mean.I would explain to them that I had a mortgage broker that would do the qualifing and that it was a lot easier than a bank qualify.
Within a week I had a signed contract (Prequalified) and got my asking price.It felt pretty good to tell the realtor to unlist it that I had it sold.
The ad in the news paper,Sign in the yard along with info flyers passed out should start getting a you good response.
The typical realtor will only place the house on the MLS and wait for a bite.
Hope this helps.

I also keep the list of possible buyers for any other deals I come accross!

please help need some advice!!! - Posted by Steve Richard

Posted by Steve Richard on February 14, 2000 at 07:29:40:

Here is my dilema:I am selling the house that i live in and i just bought another one and i am in the process of rehabbing it.I live in Massachusetts and winter is not always the best time to market a house.I have only had a few showings on it and have had it listed for a few months now.I don’t know how long i can handle making two mortgage payments while waiting fot the other house to sell.I know that spring is not far away and the market will pick up but i hope i can hold out that long.I have thought about renting it if i was in a pickle but i have heard many horror stories and the thought of renting scares me.I also think that if i rent it i will not be able to sell it which is what i really want to do.Can anyone give me some good advice before i stress out too much? any suggestions from some veterans out there would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.