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I just joined an international investment finder association where people advertise with us properties that they have for sale, and we in turn help them find them. If we find a buyer for a property, we will earn a finder’s fee. Sometimes I search real estate websites (like
Market ICI World, ) and I find brokers who have buyers who are might be interested in some of the properties that we advertise. So I send the broker the brief letter below. I am not having any success. Someone please tell me why I am not getting any replies from brokers. What am I doing wrong? Please reply to
Thank you.

Mr. John Doe

I work with FIIFA (First International Investment Finders Association) where people advertise with us properties that they have for sell ,and we in turn find buyers for them.

I noticed message #00000 on the Market ICI World website where your buyers “WANT CAMPGROUND AND/OR TRAILER PARK AND/OR FISHING LODGE”. We have sellers who have advertised those very properties. Mr. Doe, is it possible that our seller can be introduced to your buyer? Please let me know. Below are links to properties on our website that you buyer may be interested in.

(I insert the links here).

Mr. Doe, please let me know if your buyer can be introduced to our seller. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Beverly Johnson
FIIFA Investment Finder

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Wow, as a licensed agent, I normally don’t fall on the overzealous side of things, but - this basically sounds tantamount to me to practicing real estate without a license. Finding buyers, finding sellers, matching them together, and taking a “finders fee” - if that’s not practicing real estate brokerage, what is?

Understand, I’m not really worried about any legal or territorial aspects here. It’s not like I’m going to turn you in to the “non-license” police. But rather, what concerns me is the business model - at first glance anyway, it seems deeply flawed. After all, there’s already a fairly large organization of people doing this - they’re called Realtors. As you may or may not already know, the National Association of Realtors is actually a private trade association of licensed real estate agents all over the country, which also holds a monopoly on a proprietary database of sellers called the Multiple Listing Service. In addition, they are one of the most politically powerful lobbies in the country. This is an awfully big dragon to slay. What is your competitive advantage?

As a side note, did you pay anything to join this FIIFA thing? (Could be a red flag)