PMICoaching - Posted by Chris Abrams

Posted by Ronald * Starr(In No CA) on January 30, 2002 at 21:07:12:

Chris Abrams--------------

I talked to John Beck about this a few months ago. He had helped to train the coaches. He felt that the program would be individually tailored and that the participants should benefit. He though that it might be the first “mentoring” program that meet John T. Reed’s criteria as being worth what people paid for it. Hard to know if that is so.

If I were to consider doing it, I would ask for references to earlier participants who have successfully completed transactions and made money. And I would ask them. I am not considering do it. I already have invested in tax sales for many years.

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PMICoaching - Posted by Chris Abrams

Posted by Chris Abrams on January 30, 2002 at 13:38:05:

Was contacted by this outfit as a result of purchasing the John Beck “Free & Clear Course” on Tax Lien investing.

Anyone heard of or have any experience dealing with this co.? They offer coaching similar to Carlton Sheets and others.

Appreciate any due dilligence info.

Chris A.

If its anything like Sheets’ . . . - Posted by William Bronchick

Posted by William Bronchick on January 31, 2002 at 16:18:58:

If its anything like Sheets’ coaching I would stay away. I have personally met a dozen people who say they regretted signing up for Sheets’ coaching program.

This may sound biased, since I offer training, but I think you should never up with any coaching that isn’t done by the coach himself. I have been approached by several outfits to do something similar and have turned them down. Once you start delegating out the task, chances are the value gets lost.