Positioning for multiple offers

I put a home online without a MLS on a Monday night and by Tuesday, I had a full price offer. I thought I did my research, but after the closings on the end of March, the comps are about $5-6.00 higher per square foot than I am asking. I have not signed this offer yet. The buyers agent is hounding me every hour to get a signature. How do I position this with this potential buyer that I have decided to take multiple offers. I have an open house on Sunday, but they called on Monday to see the house before it was cleaned up. Any thoughts?

Just consider all the options before finalizing the deal. That’s all.

I like what he said and I will add this…G Scott Paterson may have been trying to hold cash back for something else or may have borrowed some when you held firm.

Good Luck

Not a lawyer and do no play one on TV.

But, As I read it you have “An Offer to Purchase”…If you have not ACCEPTED it then it is still an offer to purchase subject to your acceptance.and you are free to do whatever you please with YOUR property.

However, if you have executed it, even though it has not been conveyed back to the potential purchaser,that is a whole another situation.

Thanks for sharing the information. I will definitely add this in my checklist and always focus that I will follow them before finalizing any deal.