Possible to purchase mobile home with a land trust?


I am going to purchase a mobile home as my primary residence. My credit has been ruined because of a health crisis. (I’m in position to repair my credit this year.) I currently have some credit card debt, a judgment against me, owe the IRS back taxes, and have an IRS lien on my vehicle. I’m concerned that these may somehow jeopardize my mobile home. (I don’t know how – that’s why I’m here.)

I know a lien will apply to all future property that I may own. And credit card debt could eventually result in judgments and liens. But what if I purchase this mobile home via my LLC and/or a land trust? Would that provide any asset protection? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Bump. Anyone?

I don’t think so.

I’ve only owned a few Mobile homes and they were always considered personal property and require a title. Now for the land it sets on you may be able to buy that in a L/T. Check with a local real estate attorney. Unless things a have changed and the home has been attached to the ground and the county considers it all (land and house) to be real estate then perhaps. Where’s the mobile home guys on this forum? They would know.

Thanks, jlondon! I’ve got a lien on my car (which is also personal property) and would like to shelter my mobile home from one if at all possible. It would seem that there’s a way to do this. Thanks again!