Pre-foreclosure Lead in Maine.. - Posted by Bobby (SC)

Posted by Tim (ME) on April 06, 2006 at 11:19:55:

I am in southern Maine, and the market here is flat. Lots of listings, hardly any buyers. It’s even worse the further north you go. Secondly, you’re telling me the appraisal is $171k, but the mortgages total $156k. This is 91% LTV. Not a deal by any means, even if you believe the appraisal. I have a 3-unit in Biddeford, ME that appraised for $275k in October 2004. I have it listed for sale at $229k with no offers at all. Run from this “deal”.

Pre-foreclosure Lead in Maine… - Posted by Bobby (SC)

Posted by Bobby (SC) on April 05, 2006 at 18:55:59:

Have a lead for a home in Maine.

Folks have relocated; contemplating doing deed-in-lieu.

Has first ($123,000) and second ($33,000) mortgage…appraised at $171,000.

If interested, email me for further info.


Bobby (SC)