Preforclosure Lists - Accurate or not? - Posted by Anthony

Posted by Utah Investor on February 12, 2002 at 10:19:00:


You don’t want a list. They are expensive, incomplete, late and sold to all your competitors at the same mmoment you get them.

You want to create your own list. OK?

I’d focus on going to the County Recorder’s Office and just get to know the place. Look up information on your house, your friend?s homes & your neighbors. Just start looking up houses, get all the information you can. Feel comfortable with everything there at the recorder’s office and how to look up all the information about any house. They’ll have computers you can use, microfilm machines, big map books. Go play, look, dig, ask questions, watch other people, listen to their questions, watch how they got their answer. Look for a bulletin board for foreclosure (Trustee Sales) postings.

Go to the Courthouse. Look for a Sheriff’s bulletin board for Sheriff’s Sales. Look for public access to computers to look up cases. Look up your family & friends, see if any of them have traffic tickets, see if they’ve been sued or sued others or have judgments. Get familiar with how to look stuff up.

Look in the papers for Foreclosure (Trustee Sales) postings, should be small print in the legal section just before the classifieds. Find some foreclosures. When are the sales? Go to some foreclosure sales. Just jump right in to this whole process and ask, read, learn and just be aware of what’s going on.

As you go do all this, don’t get frustrated if you can’t look something up, if no one will talk to you at the foreclosure sales, if the clerk at the court or recorder’s office won’t help you, it’s OK. Just experience this whole process, learn what you can, and you’ll have some good stories & questions.

Now what you want to do is to look up the foreclosures at the Court House or the Recorder’s Office (depends on whether you live in a Judicial Foreclosure State or a Non-Judicial State. Your place is one or the other.

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Preforclosure Lists - Accurate or not? - Posted by Anthony

Posted by Anthony on February 10, 2002 at 19:40:23:

Questions for you experts out there…I’m currently utilizing the USHUD foreclosure lists but …have been also tracking down companies that provide preforeclosure lists.

My questions is… that I know that many of you place advertisements to gain the attention of preforeclosure individuals but have you utilized these lists?

They can be a bit pricey and I have heard that they can be a bit dated. But with effective mailings… have you found them to be useful or current enough?

Any suggestions and or companies/links would be much appreciated

Thanks for your time…and happy investing

Anthony (MI)