Private Funds for Rehab Investing


Obtaining funding for fix and flips as we know is the hurdle many Investors face, of course there are hard money lenders, however there are many folks with money earning minimal returns.

Anyone know of an approach to generate interest from those looking to invest for higher returns, such as fix and flips? I know it is a violation of securities laws to solicit directly, my understanding of the laws are that whenever you are making investment decisions with someone else’s money you are in essence operating in a realm that requires you to have a securities license.

I’m not sure this is a work around, but in the event I were to partner with someone who has the funds to purchase, they would be the buyer of the property, I would oversee the rehab and selling process, then a profit split of some type is done.

Again, herein lies the issue of contacting these potential investors/buyers without any violations of the SEC, I was thinking of some type of newsletter illustrating the opportunities of buying below market properties, rehabbing then selling, I would not be soliciting funding.
I am a real estate agent, have not done a rehab project, but have a background in home construction and am familiar with property values, marketing, real estate transactions, etc.

My objective with regard to obtaining a partner/investor is to do so in a manner that makes them aware of me and hopefully give me a call.

Any insight greatly appreciated.