Probate Leads - Posted by Scott-NJ


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Probate Leads - Posted by Scott-NJ

Posted by Scott-NJ on June 22, 2009 at 14:00:12:

I was looking threw the probate files at my county courthouse and I couldn’t quite get a grasp on which files actually had real estate involved. Of the 200 I looked at (I was looking at files dated around the new year) very few actually had a listing of assets. Some had bank accounts and some had cars but that was it!

I decided to take down the names and address to those where the deceased lived at an address different from any of the relatives. I noticed a few of the deceased had the same addresses, so I chalked that up to them living in an assisted living center. Good assumption?

Anyhow, am I on the correct track?

-Scott Costello
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