Problem Tenant In My Park... - Posted by Jack-NY

Posted by d.henderson on May 10, 2000 at 07:34:38:

Is this man disabled? Mentally or phyisically? I would talk to a friend that is in law enforcment to see what measures that I may take.If he is neither, just mean.
I would talk face to face with this person and tell him that in the lease (make sure that he has a lease and everything is in writing) it states that any disruptive behavoir in the park will not be tolerated and is grounds for being dismissed from the park. You will not put up with it any longer. Now that is if he is sane, if not, I would contact Human Resources and find out what can be done. If he is harassing children, then something needs to be done.
Take a firm but fair stand, don’t make his problems yours. Having him in the park is a libility. You know of the problem and haven’t addressed it.(YET)
Just my two cents,
always learning,

Problem Tenant In My Park… - Posted by Jack-NY

Posted by Jack-NY on May 09, 2000 at 21:20:49:

We have an older single man who has been in this park for over 25 years, he tries to brown nose with any new manager once he finds out that he can’t get to close with the managers he turns real mean. He starts to spread rumors, tells lies, calls the owners and makes up stories, harasses the kids in the park, dosen’t like any noise or kids riding bikes near his home, etc… I understand that he has been this way for years and if he is drinking he is really bad. I have had a few blow-outs with this man, I have sent him letters regarding these problems. This man will lay off for a few weeks and then start up again, this is an on going problem and I would like some suggestions on the best way to handle this matter. This man is on Social Services (welfare) and does not have to pay a single bill, the only good thing is that the rent check is sent to us directly. I have been told that this might be a problem evicting him. What should I do? Also there is no one in the park who really cares for him, however they will not speak up and say anything.

Thanks… Jack-NY