Product Recommendation MT13 Ladder

Werner MT-13 ladder. I had been trying to keep a long ladder at one house in each of the subdivisions where i have land/homes, for emergency roof repairs, only to have them disappear when needed. This one, the werner MT13 expands enuf to get on a mh roof, but will also collapse to where you can put it in a subcompact trunk. Most helpful tool i have bought this year.


Just put steel bars into the side of the house like an electric pole or water tower “ladder”. No need to transport or store a ladder.


Laws of physics against you

I never saw any MH that was strong enough structurally to support “steel bars stuck into house for ladder” and I see it as a golden way for you to get sued by some climber who collapses the whole thing and gets hurt and maybe does substantial damage to the mh as well.

I have John’s concerns and also how about the tenant’s child getting hurt playing on the “new jungle gym”, or someone bumping into a bar by accident?


I think, knowing and having worked for years with lots of MHP residents that you’re really looking for trouble leaving any device with moving parts or that’s intended to be climbed upon.

Somebody will claim a kid got hurt playing with it and you’ll be soon sued.

In fact I’d leave only a fixed ladder and only with MHP Mgr you know and trust and insist the ladder doesn’t move w/o him/her with it…and put a heavy-duty lock and chain to a tree or some other unmovable object so its not taken w/o mgr’s permission.

uh, guys. I was just kidding.


Steve, your sense of humor flew right under the radar there. Fortunately, I got it.

I have the ladder in question. It is like a poor man’s Little Giant ladder. Except that it is heavier, and there are no Youtube videos of it collapsing during a QVC demonstration (I’m serious).

I ran into a maintenance guy last year who had a brilliant telescoping ladder. I don’t recall the name of it or where he got it but it collapsed into a space HALF the size of my werner and extracted to a taller overall height. It also weighed a fraction of the Werner.

Fortunately I am not in the business of climbing on MH roofs any longer, but if I were, I’d be hunting on of these down. It was light, sturdy, and super compact.