Property Management Tips - Posted by Ryan Omel

Posted by SusanL.–FL on April 26, 2000 at 14:59:31:

I came across something from my real estate club. It is called: ‘Landlord 2000’ and contains 21 forms designed to increase the landlord’s cash flow and decrease your costs.

It might be something worth investigating. Their number is (941) 349-4902.

As far as managing your own units, I guess if you are set up right and organized, you’d be able to handle it.

Two years ago, I handled nine of my own (commercial and residential)—and that was in addition to commuting 20 miles a day to a FULL-time job, family, and children.

It was a LOT of work—and I will admit, it left LITTLE time for anything else.

Personally speaking, I would never take on several hundred myself.


…and remember, we can accomplish pretty near anything we set our minds to!


Property Management Tips - Posted by Ryan Omel

Posted by Ryan Omel on April 26, 2000 at 14:10:21:

I was wondering if anyone knows of a site that offers tips on managing properties. Also, does anyone have any tips for keeping costs down. The reason I ask I am interested in keeping properties long term and would like to make an Operations Manual for myself, employees and later on a manager. The Operations Manual would hopefully allow me to own and manage several hundred units without having to have a property management company take care of everything. Thanks for any advice and insight.

Mr.Landlord - Posted by Bert G

Posted by Bert G on April 26, 2000 at 17:41:45:

See Jeff Taylor’s website at

Also, there are two books I reccomend for people who will be managing their own properties: “Landlording”, by Leigh Robinson and “Every Landlord’s Legal Guide” from Nolo Press. Both are available form Amazon and the usual booksellers.