question about forum - Posted by brad

Posted by Jerry Freeman on April 15, 2002 at 11:17:58:

Hi, Brad.

You may want to check directly with J.P. Vaughan, the manager of this board. You can email her at What you’re trying to do may be considered a solicitation for business, which might explain what happened if it was deleted.

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question about forum - Posted by brad

Posted by brad on April 15, 2002 at 10:50:03:

i recently posted a message about 2 trailor parks that i found. i put in the info that i know and stated that i would split it if someone were interested. i got one reply but now i cannot find the message. i am tring to see if it got deleted. if it did,i did not intend to break any of the rules here and apologize. im going to resubmit the info and if this one disapears i will guess that its not allowed.

what i found is two parks, one is 14 spaces the other is 31. both are 30 years old with homes of about the same age. water is on one meter per park. homes are 10 and 12 wides. all are park owned and currently rented. rents are only 300 a month counting lot rent and water bill is devided among the renters. rents have not been raised in 10+ years. owner is 75 and wants out. he owns 100+ homes around here and has a son who was to take over but he got into a wreak and cannot run the place now. he wants 320000 for them both with 20% down and is willing to finance the rest at 8% at what ever leinght of time it takes. very flexable. his only consern is the tenants. he told me that he is not advertising it because he doesn’t want to sell to someone who is going to evict everyone. i assured him i would not do that and now he wants to work something out. all i am interested in is the smaller park right now. so if i could find someone else who is interested i would love to split the deal. my intention is if i can get the price down to go in and get an option and sell the homes to the tenants lonnie style for the dp and rais the lot rents to about 200 after they get them. any takers? this is around Ft benning if that helps anyone out.