Question concerning vinyl flooring - Posted by Barbara (ME)

Posted by PBoone on March 08, 2000 at 22:41:03:

We use a “Sod Roller” for this type of flooring. The weight rolls the bubbles out. another option we have done after the fact is cut with a utility knife the area and let it breathe. The second option worked but is not recommended.

Question concerning vinyl flooring - Posted by Barbara (ME)

Posted by Barbara (ME) on March 08, 2000 at 21:34:16:

We just bought a place in FL for our own use in the winter. (Got a terrific deal from a motivated seller).There are two vinyl porches and we are using one large one for our two dogs.
This is a lovely place, and has indoor-outdoor carpeting on their porch, so we decided to cover it with vinyl flooring to protect the rug. It is not cemented, although we debated using double sided carpet tape.
HOWEVER…when we laid it over the rug it developed three large wrinkles which we cannot get rid of. There is at least 3/4 inch on all sides for the flooring to expand, so that is not the problem.
Also the rug under it is perfectly flat. Any idea as to what might be causing it and what we can do to remedy it? We do not want to tear up the rug or paint the floor or anything like that.
Thanks in advance.


Re: vinyl floor over carpet? - Posted by Rolfe Mpls-StP

Posted by Rolfe Mpls-StP on March 09, 2000 at 01:41:32:

If I understand you correctly, you hope to protect existing carpeting by placing vinyl flooring on top of the existing carpeting.

If that is so, than that is at best a temporary fix. In that installation, the vinyl will be an unaffixed shield over the carpet, like a throw rug, and the vinyl will move hither and yon. Even if the vinyl is nailed in place, it will still move about and will likely detach over time.

A fairly easy fix is to remove the carpet altogether, then properly install the vinyl flooring using the glue recommended by the manufacture. If you’d like, you could then return carpet, setting it upon the vinyl.

Your floor will be much tougher. If the rug goes to the dogs, you’ll still have the vinyl there to protect.

Good Luck!

Forever at your humble service, Rolfe