Question for Don-NY - Posted by ken

Posted by Tony Colella on June 21, 2007 at 04:05:43:

Not Don but just a comment from what I recall from prior posts here. I think that others in NY used a Uniform Commercial Code filing (UCC) to secure their notes. This may be a situation where the state did not title homes older than a certain year but I cannot recall exactly (hopefully Don can clarify).


Question for Don-NY - Posted by ken

Posted by ken on June 20, 2007 at 19:03:17:

Don where in NY are you located?I am in Schenectady.I am new to mobile Homes but experienced in houses.I do rehabs and rentals full time but do not know the paperwork for mobiles.I am interested in mobiles for my IRA.I understand that i get a title similar to a car but where do you file it at the department of motor vehicles and how much does that cost.Thanks for any help you are willing to provide.

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Posted by ken on June 21, 2007 at 06:28:41:

Thanks for the info.Don i get out that way about once a year for a Bills game.I found a friendly park a couple days ago and the manager warned me about a seller and is giving my number to someone else who wants $6000 for a trailer and has a possible buyer but they need help with the financing maybe i can make it work.The park is owned by ARC,any experience with them or is more likely to be dependent on each park manager like i think it will be. Thanks

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Posted by Don-NY on June 21, 2007 at 05:25:21:

I am near Rochester. As far as I know homes 1995 or newer are titled just like a car (a dealer told me a few 1994’s were also titled). Older than that they are just personal property. But I just bought a home that says 1996 on all the paperwork but does not have a title? I have never filed a UCC but I checked into it a little and it is done at the county clerks office. I always do an Ernest Tew type lease option. That way it is an eviction not a repossesion, plus I can evict faster than the park can. In NY it is a 90 day minimum process for occupant owned MH eviction. Where a tenant eviction can be done in 30. Even though I cannot go because a conflict, I strongly suggest Tony & Scott’s Bootcamp in August. If you ever get over my way let me know, we can jaw over a brew.