Question for JIM Fl - Posted by osirus

Posted by Bryan on September 20, 2003 at 15:10:50:


Question for JIM Fl - Posted by osirus

Posted by osirus on September 20, 2003 at 05:31:30:

I am looking into paying people to allow me to place REI advertisng signs on their property. I found your post in the archives where you wrote about doing the same thing:

I was curious how your efforts turned out.

  1. Was it difficult getting permits?
  2. Was it difficult convincing getting permission from businesses? Where there some types more receptive than others? How much did you compensate them?
  3. Did you target non business owners…vacant lots, residential homes ect., on busy driving areas.

Any help is appreciated.

response for osirus - Posted by Jim FL

Posted by Jim FL on September 20, 2003 at 15:02:47:


I never did get too many folks interested in allowing signs on their property, and learned that there was indeed several requirements to signs within the county.
Now, we just have moveable signs, placed on large vehicles.
Only one in place at the moment, since it is new, we are tracking results.
Should they turn out alright, others will go out.

Take care,
Jim FL

Re: Question for JIM Fl - Posted by Alvin Teabag Hartman

Posted by Alvin Teabag Hartman on September 20, 2003 at 10:13:25:

lol, here is another fanciful story:

Posted by Jim FL (7/23/03)
A few years ago I was literally stalked by a sign thief.
This moron had WAY too much time on his hands, and drove around all the time removing signs for my business, and following my vehicle around during the way, since he worked nights.
He also got a few others signs as well I’m sure.
One time he actually did drive up to me while I was placing a directional sign for a house I was selling.
The sign was being placed in the front yard of a house I OWNED that was on a corner lot, near the house I was selling.
This idiot pulled into MY driveway to avoid traffic, jumped out, grabbed the signed, shouted something, and then RAN to his car.
Too bad my associate arrived at this point, pulling in behind him on MY DRIVEWAY!
After a quick call to the cops, he was arrested, his car towed from MY DRIVEWAY and my sign was placed in the yard.
He got off with a misdemeanor charge and fine for “dis-orderly conduct”…a plea agreement.
Now for the funny part.
I bought the house he lived in at that time, a few months later, AFTER he “Quit claimed” the house to his ex-wife in a divorce.
She called me from a road side sign, and I bought the house sub2.
Good thing too, his ex could no longer afford the house and was sure to lose it, wrecking HER credit as well as HIS, had she not called me.
Irony…I love it.
Believe me, what comes around goes around…words to live by.
No need for revenge, or anger, it is a waste of time.
Folks who are miserable and try to cast that onto others, will still be miserable in the end, and many times MUCH worse for the ware.
Don’t sweat the sign thieves, for some folks, having a J.O.B. and a “hobby” stealing signs is all they have.
Pity them for a second, and then give them no more thought.
Have a GREAT day!
Jim FL