Question for Lonnie Deal Experts - Posted by Steve-Atl

Posted by Sean (WA) on February 02, 2002 at 12:11:28:

One idea would be to move the home for them and incur all the costs and generate another note. This keeps you involved in the process, remember its still your home. But as far as moving it themselves, you may want to think about having them sign something that assures you that they will set up the home to all the proper county codes and requirements, so there is not any trouble with building inspectors. Around here we have owners set up homes with no permits and stuff like that and it can turn into a nightmare with the county for everybody if it is not done right. They can “red flag” the home and shut the site down and blah blah blah. Also make sure that they are having a licenced bonded transport company hauling the home and not cousin Joe who can’t pay if he runs the home into a ditch. This would be bad…I guess that goes without saying. Also check with the park manager about space rent and make sure that they are current and that if they are not that the park won’t come after you for it as the lien-holder.
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Question for Lonnie Deal Experts - Posted by Steve-Atl

Posted by Steve-Atl on February 02, 2002 at 09:41:58:

What if a buyer of a “Lonnie” deal wants to move the home from the park in which it’s located to their own land? What precautions should be taken above and beyond those needed if the home stays in the park?

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Re: Question for Lonnie Deal Experts - Posted by ScottS(NC)

Posted by ScottS(NC) on February 02, 2002 at 18:16:36:


Hi, I do not allow people to move MY home until it becomes There home. To me if they have land and money to move it they should pay my note off first. If they default on the note for the home while its on there land you will have to move it at your cost. You might re-coup this later threw legal action but this is a BIG pain that could be avoided by simply making people aware as they purchase from you. Homes cannot be moved until I recieve the last payment. HTH Take Care ScottS(NC)