questions about PEX and Spacepak - Posted by John Reid

Posted by SJO on July 13, 2007 at 15:27:17:

PEX is MUCH easier to install, is cheaper, and is industry proven. It will expand when frozen instead of burst.

There is now a new version that is bendable (not just flexible) that is being used by new home builders. I hear it is going to take over the PEX market eventually.

questions about PEX and Spacepak - Posted by John Reid

Posted by John Reid on July 13, 2007 at 13:06:46:

I am buying a 1907 brick foursquare home in West Virginia that has no heating or air system (other than old old old space heaters). Anybody have any experience with the Spacepak ductless system? The website makes it sound really good, but I would like some unbiased opinions. Is it easy to instal in an older home? Is it economical? Does it actually do a good job cooling? The site also said it can be hooked to a heat pump. Any thoughts on this one?

Also, I am having to replumb the entire house and I am interested in using PEX tubing? Any words of wisdom on this vs copper or PVC piping? Is PEX good for a real old home? Is it cheaper than copper and PVC but durable?

Thanks in advance!

Re: questions about PEX and Spacepak - Posted by jimAl

Posted by jimAl on July 14, 2007 at 24:14:55:

Check Mr. Slim by Mitsubishi. These ductless heating and ac units have been used for years in Seaside Florida. Apparenty they are good units or they would have been replaced by now. They continue to use them in new construction at Seaside. Good luck with your project.