Questions for Joe Kaiser - Posted by Mike Daly

Posted by JoeKaiser on March 09, 2002 at 23:33:54:

I don’t know that putting a ratio on it makes sense. Too few to really be usefull.

I wouldn’t give up yet on the 2 disputed liens. Figure out what they will pay, and work it that way when you renegotiate with the contractor.


Questions for Joe Kaiser - Posted by Mike Daly

Posted by Mike Daly on March 09, 2002 at 19:32:12:

Hey Joe, I spoke with you a week or so ago about your Mechanic’s lien course. Just started working it and have gotten about 4 options agreements from contractors so far. Turns out 2 of them the debtor’s claimed the contractors never came close to doing the work required. Still haven’t made contact with the other 2 debtors. Can you give me a ball park idea what percentage of the options you get are valid liens, rather than from shady contractors doing incomplete work?

I also had an idea of providing a lien filing service to contractors. A company in my area charges over $100 a lien for this service, and I’m sure I could beat that. I’m not sure what the legal requirements are for filing a lien for someone else are. Any suggestions?