Questions for newbie to ask prospect - flipping? - Posted by Hans

Posted by Mike Daly on March 09, 2002 at 07:05:36:

The problem is the majority of people who’ll call on an ad won’t work for doing a straight flip – more will qualify for doing a lease option or subject to deal. If want to do flips, its better to do more focused marketing – like sending letters to people with condemned properties, or out of town owners.

I’d read Joe Kaiser’s article on “Getting inside the seller’s head.” For doing a flip, the info you’ll need to get is what the seller would take for an all cash offer, how much they think its worth, and what repairs are needed.


Questions for newbie to ask prospect - flipping? - Posted by Hans

Posted by Hans on March 08, 2002 at 19:59:19:

Hey there,

I’ve been reading a lot online about real estate lately. I’ve seen many people recommend that if you don’t at least have a mini-backup capital base, you should get started building one up by doing some flips. So I’ve been reading about how to do flips, and I ordered Bronchick’s book from Amazon; it’ll be arriving tomorrow. I printed up 100 “I buy houses…cash”, etc, etc, fliers on the cheap at Kinkos today and posted a few of them already. So, my question. If someone calls between now and when I finish the Bronchick “Flipping Properties” book I still want to be able to screen them and get some phone experience. Can anyone suggest some good questions, or give me advice on how a good telephone screening for a potential flip should run?

Thanks in advance! You guys are great.
Hans Friedrich