Questions Regarding Bad Credit & REI?? - Posted by Newbie

Posted by Max on August 04, 2003 at 22:11:03:

How come you can’t do both. Put deals together and find a job. Job can be short term if deals start to happen. Good way to build up capital. You can negotiate payment plan with IRS if you have a job. Less stress with spreading it out over time also interest is adding up if you can’t pay it off in full.
Good Luck

Questions Regarding Bad Credit & REI?? - Posted by Newbie

Posted by Newbie on August 04, 2003 at 10:38:30:

I checked with not too long ago and at the time my Fico score was 590. However, I recently received a letter from the IRS claiming I owe $3,000 for not reporting all my wages for 2001.

I have a judgement on my credit file, few collections, and just recently a repossession fell off my credit file after being on their for 7 years?..

Right now, I?m receiving unemployment, and have three more months to go. With this additional debt added, my new debt total will be $6,000. Come to find out the IRS is correct with their findings, and I have to do something now to get this paid because I don?t want this to go on my credit file??

I was getting ready to start assigning deals and doing lease options to raise the money, quickly, to get debt paid off!

Should I put real estate investing on hold, and find a job, or go ahead and find deals to get debt paid off?

Thanks for responding.