Quickbooks... - Posted by Sheik

Posted by Dennis on January 31, 2000 at 14:01:08:

I got Quickbooks,and know it doesn’t have amortization tables.To do that I use my Wordperfect 8,because that does have one.Quickbooks is good for certain types of financial stuff.

Quickbooks… - Posted by Sheik

Posted by Sheik on January 31, 2000 at 08:34:37:

Any o’ you guys (or gals) use Quickbooks for record keeping?

I recently obtain a used version 6 and was dissapointed
to find out that Quickbooks does not have the ability to
amortise loans - something that Quicken does…and I
thought that Quickbooks was an ‘upgrade’.

How do you handle notes receivables (like a Lonnie deal)?

Perhaps someone can recommend a book on Quickbooks that’s
geared towards noteheads and RE investors?


Re: Quickbooks… - Posted by Bud Branstetter

Posted by Bud Branstetter on January 31, 2000 at 23:10:23:

I agree that they should fix that but they haven’t. I use Notesmith or an excel spreadsheet for the amortization. You can also account to “mortgage interest earned” then correct once a year.