"Quiet Title" Q for Bronchick, JPiper - Posted by Aquanaut


Posted by Aquanaut on December 31, 1998 at 15:08:54:

Best wishes for the new year to everyone!

Now, I have a motivated seller of a low end property who “just wants something out of the deal.” She has a house acquired through divorce where the divorce decree states the ex-husband is to receive $2500 from the house. The ex-hub hasn’t been seen or heard from since '95, so, how would you handle this situation? Should I advise the owner to first get clear title via Quiet title lawsuit? If so, what’s the best way to tie up the property while waiting for clear title? Also, she stated she owes $3000 in back taxes and though I haven’t checked into the taxes yet, I would guess the county tax assessor will be wanting to collect soon through the Delinquent Tax Sales. I realize I have left out the numbers for this deal, but at this point I only want to know if the title problem can be overcome or should I back off of this one? Thanks for ALL the info.