RE auction today, need money within 30 days


I am going to an auction today. There is a lake shore lot, a non lake shore lot, and a house and land on the lake lot.

I have $30,000 in cash in my bank accounts and own a copy houses free and clear. (~$70k and ~$50K, is the estimated value of the homes)

I have 7 rental houses and a full time job where I make about $44K a year

I did not have time to get the banks to analyze my situation. I have not checked my credit score in a while used to be 680 to 730 over the years.

Just wondering options to purchase one of properties

$10,000 down at auction and the balance with in 30 days.

These properties are on the premier lake in the area. I am looking to bid up to $250,000 on the home with lake lot. The county tax assessed value is $360,000 for this property.

any lenders? financing ideas?

I may live in the home as my personal residence and rent out my current home.

CR score


My Transunion score said 899 B

Is this good for obtaining loan? Where do I fall in the lender’s eyes?

The deb analysis showed:

Monthly income 75%
Monthly debt 25%