Re: CS program Help - Posted by cjvandorn

Posted by cjvandorn on April 07, 1999 at 20:57:25:

Hello anyone:
My wife and I would like to purchase the CS program,
but have a few questions.

  1. We have less than 1000 to put down.
    and we both have bad credit. (We are living in Detroit
    with her mother)

  2. Our VW Jetta car was almost repo (but we borrowed the money from her student loan),but our credit is shot.

  3. What to do? My wife has 10 years of marketing and will
    graduate from Eastern Michigan Univ. in 1 year in International Business. So we are both full time students
    and have the time. Her major is Language and World Business
    mine is Pre-Med- Genetics

  4. But, does it work??? We are not crooks or evil people
    just our jobs did not pay enough. We are honest people
    and feel bad that our credit is not the greatest. But, I would like to provide a home to my wife, something that she and I wish very much. We like other people have just had a rough life. We don’t do drugs, or drink. We don’t have wild parties, because we are 34, and 36. We mostly study for our classes. And garden. We love gardens.
    We just got married on Sept. 5, 1998 so we just want some honest truth.Thank you,
    Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Vandorn