Re: Fallen tree on rental property update - Posted by shane AMP

Posted by shane AMP on July 16, 2003 at 24:33:54:

Well here’s the outcome of the fallen tree scenario.Remember the facts I state are local to me and may not apply to all areas.
The home owner was cutting the tree away themselves,only to stop after calling there insurance and finding out they are not liable.I called there little two dollar/two emplyee insurance agent and verified that they were the ones who told the tree bandits their not liable.(the verified yes, they were the jerks)
Act of gods are not covered. I am currently bringing suit against the home owner and the insurance co. The insurance co. is trying to more than forthcoming now.Apparently they were unaware that the tree damaged the house and other things.
Long story short, I don’t care who’s act it was. Liability lies somewhere, now whether that’s with the home owner or their insurance co. I don’t know. So I am going after both.
Thaks for the responses though.