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Posted by Frank Chin on February 14, 2001 at 08:18:01:

I used a guy who came to this country a few years ago to do handyman work, paint etc. He even remodeled a bathroom for me. When he started with me, he was taking English classes at night.

He’s done work at a number of my properties, and asked enough questions to realize Real Estate is somehting he wants to get into. The question is the starting point.

He then started working at a local Real Estate office as a sales rep, part time. He’ still doing handyman work. I know several people who took this route and they tell me its a good way to get to know buying, selling, attorneys, investors in the local area. One guy found investor partners this way.

One real estate office made each rep responsible for a several square block area, knocking on doors, getting to know the owners, property values, what’s available, what’s sold etc. When I took real estate courses, that’s one of the things you do when you hit the streets.

You’ll have to find out what arrangements brokers have these days with reps. Some charge a fee for having a desk, and some don’t. But its not a bad way to hit the streets if you you don’t know a starting point.

If you have 35 to 40 hours a week, and no money, maybe its a good way to gain an education and some extra money.

I have not heard of this approach much on the boards here. Sounds like most “Insant Millionaires” just want to run out and make deals right away.

RE: ? for Ed-Making money when you buy - Posted by Brett

Posted by Brett on February 13, 2001 at 22:12:41:

Hello Ed. I read you’re how-to-article about making money when you buy. I wanted to respond by asking you a question. Before I ask you I just wanted to key you in on my situation. I have 35-40 hours during the work week to spend on REI. I haven’t been using time to my fullest benefit. I have read article’s and books and attented seminars. I haven’t bought any houses and I have no money, only time. The thing is, is that I now realize that money isn’t what I need but what I need is time. And to my benefit that’s what I have. So, when you say to hit the streets, and just get out there and start looking, what do you exactly mean by that? I desperatly need a starting point. Thank you to anyone that respondes!