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Posted by Alison on August 07, 2006 at 04:17:15:

Ok thanks very much David! You’ve given me lots to consider here. I appreciate it.

RE: New to Note Brokering - Posted by Alison

Posted by Alison on August 05, 2006 at 01:29:56:

I’m interested in getting into the note brokering business and I’ve been inundated lately with all kinds of mailings from Russ Dalbey. I’ve also come across Charter Financial in Houston, TX who are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and their local chapter of chamber or commerce. My questions are:

  1. Has anyone made real money from brokering with either of these companies?

  2. Or should I just begin researching the note brokering industry further and find funders myself?

  3. Would I profit more commissions through one of these companies or just on my own?

Please give any advice on this for me. Thanks a lot.


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Posted by medclass on August 10, 2007 at 09:24:56:

read information on Mencarow’s site

Re: Test Drive BEFORE Buying! - Posted by David Butler

Posted by David Butler on August 06, 2006 at 14:34:46:

Hello Allison,

This kind of topic is bandied about frequently, so more productive generally to simply utilize the “search” engine at the top of this Forum as your starting point. You’ll note that with regard to “Russ Dalbey”, the most recent discussion in this Forum occurred just a few weeks ago in the thread “Russ Dalbey” at:

Though I’ve heard many references over the years to Charter Financial, I was surprised to find that in searching the archives here, there isn’t much discussion coming up, other than the thread “Charter Financial, Building Wealth Together” at:

I don’t really know anything about them quite frankly, and an Internet search didn’t really pull up a whole lot… but, looking at the Charter web site Bus Op pages, the price seems extremely reasonable for a beginner’s look see - and though I know nothing about the quality of the information being advertised over there, it looks like they are offering quite a bit of material in the form of all the so-called “Bonuses” that are included. Probably worth a look at that price, if the 30 money-back guarantee is valid.

Something to keep in mind whether it be this course, or another. Most folks order these kinds of material, but then complain that 30 days simply is not enough time. I have to disagree.

In my view, a person should not order the information that cost money, until they are ready to sit down and commit some serious time to reviewing it, and making a decision as whether or not it is for them. Generally, that should NEVER take more than a four to eight hour study period, at least for the note business. And if you feel that it you need a bit longer, 12 to 16 hours is tops. I don’t mean to learn it… I mean to review it. And I don’t mean to ask other people what they think of it. I mean what you think of it, after YOU review it!. Most people do not do that. In fact, most people don’t ever even REALLY study the courses they purchase, related to Business Opportunities. Very frustrating for those of us who are trying to teach the business as best we can.

In any event, going in, I would generally almost always look to the least expensive materials I can find. That way, if I blow the refund period, I haven’t lost an arm and/or a leg. And anything under $200 should fit the bill for most folks in that regard.

But… perhaps more profitable would be the advice we have consistently given here in several of the CREOnline Forums, including this one - as well as other Forums where we have participated. That is this… there is a wealth of FREE information right here to get started with, just in this Forum alone. A person can look almost any topic they can think of related to the note business, and be pretty sure they are going to find at least some valuable discussion on it.

There are top teachers, and top students, right here dispensing enough of this valuable information to help you get well on your way to pursuing a career in the note business… or determining that it is NOT something that really is your bag. As we like to say, ANYBODY can succeed in the cash flow business - but not EVERYBODY can! People have different personalities, different life goals, different lifestyles, different comfort zones, and different circumstances.

You’ll be much better off SPENDING as little as possible starting out, and RESEARCHING as much as possible. And, unless you ALREADY HAVE a HUGE bank account that will carry you for at least six months of personal living expenses if you have no other income…


Other Rules of the Road:

DO NOT USE CREDIT CARDS TO PURCHASE MORE THAN $200 OF COURSES, BOOKS, PR0GRAMS until you have spent at least one full day (8 hours) researching all the FREE resources available on web sites such as this.

Don’t spend more than $2,000 total for books, courses, training, or whathave you, UNTIL and UNLESS you have already made a note deal that earned you at least $500 or more. Ask around extensively, as you have done here, about programs and courses - from the people you actually do your first deal with. Especially who ever pays you on that deal.

Following these rules, you will avoid a great deal of the disappointment and heart ache that so many Americans put themselves through in the false belief that the more they spend on courses, programs, crapola… the less they’ll have to do to actually succeed in the business. Instead, they wind up spending so much money or credit on all these programs, that have nothing left to work with, but the high stress over being short of funds TO work with?!

Have a look, make a decision, and shop intelligently.

Then go forth and prosper! And Many Happy Returns!

David P. Butler