Real estate agents "Car Salesmen" - Posted by William


Posted by William on February 28, 1999 at 05:52:13:

I will call you first thing in the morning.
Your focus should be on getting the property you want and not wondering “is this (guy or girl) is going to stiff me”.
That’s one of my problems. Each time I try to submit an offer(about $2000.00 below asking price.)The agent won’t even take it.
I hope you will do what you say. If you do we will have a good relationship.


Real estate agents “Car Salesmen” - Posted by William

Posted by William on February 27, 1999 at 13:04:52:

Are all real estate agents like car salesmen?
I found out one thing for sure, the more agents
you have searching for homes, the better.
Because if I had only one agent I would’ve gotten
jipped by now. By paying an enourmous downpayment.
Not being able to submit a lower offer than the
"Sticker price". Or by buying a property without knowing
that right around the corner there’s another place just the same but bigger and cheaper (Townhouses) than the one I’m being shown.
Does anyone know of at least a half decent real estate agent in hawaii?
I think I may have found one in Wainae but I don’t know yet.

Any input or just getting the same feelings of your chest will be greatly appreciated.



Re: Real estate agents “Car Salesmen” - Posted by Troy aka Aquanaut

Posted by Troy aka Aquanaut on February 27, 1999 at 18:15:16:

I feel your pain William. I went through many of the same types of agents you describe before finding a genuinely good agent. And how did I find the “good” agent? DUMB LUCK! aka Trial and Error. After awhile you hear the same things from agents and you recognize yet another agent who is totally worthless to you as an investor, but when you find the right one, you’ll know because there’s no comparison. Take into consideration that agents are typically dealing with buyers who are either buying for the first time or maybe they have bought once or twice before, but the needs of their typical buyer are nothing like yours will be. Be specific when you interview an agent, ask lots of questions and if you’re not happy with the answers or performance, tell them why and if you still can’t work with that agent, move on. Good luck.



Re: Real estate agents “Car Salesmen” - Posted by William

Posted by William on February 28, 1999 at 05:54:05:

Thanks alot your advice is well appreciated.


Re: Real estate agents “Car Salesmen” - Posted by Kevin Hart

Posted by Kevin Hart on February 28, 1999 at 01:39:08:


I read your post about R.E. agents. I understand what you are saying about not knowing if you are getting the best deal out there. The biggest complaint I hear about other agent’s from buyer’s is “they weren’t showing me what I was looking for.”

Since I don’t know what experiences you have had I can’t speak to your claims of having to pay “sticker price” or something around the corner being a better “deal.” I can tell you though if you get a good agent those are concerns that you don’t have to worry about. Your focus should be on getting the property you want and not wondering “is this (guy or girl) is going to stiff me”.

I do agree there are some agent’s out there that look at their bottom line rather than their clients. That to me (and a lot of other agent’s) is not the way to do business. I think this is something that you can sense fairly quickly; just as I can tell if the buyer is wasting my time.

That may be the trouble that your running into if you feel you need to have a lot of agent’s looking for property for you. They all have the same information, if you get a good one you will know everything on the market that meets your specification’s and when something new comes on that agent should be calling the same day with the information. That’s the way I work; if I know that I have a committed buyer. If someone is looking at property with several agents and shows no commitment I won’t spend much time with them. I can usually tell this with our first meeting. I am working with some clients right now that I have been working with for over a year now. When something new comes on the market that matches what they are looking for they know about it within 3 hrs. I know they are serious about buying and they are committed to me. I will work with them till they get what they want. Commitment works both ways.

So if that made any sense to you then you know how I work and would be willing to help you find your next house.

If you feel comfortable with the agent you have now and they are providing the service you expect then you have found a good one and should show allow them to do their job which is to find you what you are looking for.


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