Real Estate for DUMMIES?... - Posted by Kelley McDonald

Posted by Laure on October 21, 2000 at 20:19:14:

I’ve been an investor for 14 years, and I’m still reading… just now I wear glasses to see the print ! LOL. Get used to it. It’s an ongoing process.

Laure :slight_smile:

Real Estate for DUMMIES?.. - Posted by Kelley McDonald

Posted by Kelley McDonald on October 21, 2000 at 08:31:16:

My husband and I are considering real estate investing (of course we saw the Carelton Sheets infomercial, which sparked our interest). Have not ordered it yet.

We know NOTHING about the industry and reading all these posts (here and on the II board) makes me realize there is A LOT to learn. Even the terminology is a foreign language. We just bought a house the old fashioned way with FHA (5% down) and the fanciest part about the deal is we have a $3k seller’s concession back at closing to help with closing costs. Whoop dee doo. But it’s our first home! (Are you yawning yet?)

SO, what books or sources of info do you pros recommend we get our hands on so I can start from scratch and learn to talk the talk so we can then walk the walk like you? We know that duplicating the successful pros will lead to our success…but I don’t know what the heck you’re even talking about yet (a lot of abbreviations that mean nothing to me right now). LOL! Many thanks! Want to learn and act!

Dummy question #2: How do you determine if you have a good market area? Live in central NJ and real estate prices are nuts.

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Posted by dewCO on October 21, 2000 at 19:34:45:

No one here was born speaking RE! We’re all dummies when we start. I think they now have a vocabulary or terminology list somewhere on this site that you can print out and start to understand. Good Luck. This is a great source of info., and even though the price is free, you still get great info.

Real Estate for LEADERS - Posted by Todd W(CO)

Posted by Todd W(CO) on October 21, 2000 at 15:55:46:

Keep your head high and your goals the same. Its my belief to Command your life as well as its direction. You found a wonderful place to educate yourself in REI. Dont rule out the Library as a great place to start. Free information is the best there is. Carleton Sheet’s course is full of usefull knowledge but dont buy direct from him if you can help it, try last I saw, it was under $50 clams for the CD version and the extra goodies.
Todd Williamson

Welcome, here is your tour… - Posted by Ben (NJ)

Posted by Ben (NJ) on October 21, 2000 at 10:41:07:

You have found a great site where, if you stay long enough, the people here will become your personal friends. Your first step is to read everything available here, the free articles, the success stories, the current posts, the archived posts, the other forums, the recommended books (Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki is at the top of the list.) You will begin to define your areas of interest and will learn who the experts are in those areas. Ed Garcia-financing. John Behle and Terry Vaughn-paper and cash flow, Lonnie-mobile homes, Bill Bronchick, Esq.-asset protection and legal issues, Joe Kaiser-foreclosures, motivated sellers, JHyre-complex tax issues, Lori Samson- lease-options, JPiper-everything, Bill Gatten-entertainment. The list is endless. One-stop shopping is an understatement. Then there is the convention (which shamefully I have yet to attend, it’s that 2 year old, she can’t seem to fend for herself for any length of time!)Anyway, ENJOY!

Re: Real Estate for LEADERS - Posted by Kelley McDonald

Posted by Kelley McDonald on October 21, 2000 at 16:08:44:

Wow, thanks for that awesome Ebay tip!! And thanks to you both for answering…better get to reading!