Real Estate Investing within a Corporation - Posted by Jim Jordan

Posted by Joe on March 21, 2001 at 22:10:56:

Can anyone tell me where I would be able to find this book (Protect Your Assets by Ernest Tew). I,ve been looking everywhere with no luck!

Thanks in advance

Real Estate Investing within a Corporation - Posted by Jim Jordan

Posted by Jim Jordan on March 09, 2001 at 18:19:18:

Hi,I’ve been reading Robert Kiyosakis books, Rich dad Poor Dad, The Cashflow Quadrant and guide to investing. He states that most of his investments are real estate and it’s all held within a “Corporate” structure. A “C Corporation” to be specific. does anyone here utilize that strategy ? I seem to be getting conflicting info on investing under the corporate veil.Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Jim

Re: Real Estate Investing within a Corporation - Posted by David Butler

Posted by David Butler on March 11, 2001 at 16:40:53:

These days, protecting your assets is a major consideration, particularly if you are involved in dealing with the public… which you most assuredly are in the rehab game.

Part of the strategy you come up with should include selecting the best entity for the ownership structure used to own and operate your business. The four corners you generally want to address in forming your ownership structure include minimizing taxes, avoiding government seizures of assets, minimizing the threat of lawsuits, and avoiding probate.

As Ernest Tew points out in his excellent little primer on the subject, PROTECT YOUR ASSETS, no asset protection plan is completely fail-safe. Nor will any one plan fit everyone. Instead, we should have a system for doing business - one that incorporates asset protection into the way we conduct our REI business. To protect your assets as much as possible from the four primary threats, you may want to consider employing several “lines of defense”, using a combination of vehicles, including corporations or LLC’s, Roth IRA’s, trusts, and limited partnerships, overlapping each other in properly structured layers.

You may want to consider having a good look at PROTECT YOUR ASSETS (only $49), to gain an easy-to- follow conceptual grasp the asset protection strategies and ownership structures that might work best for you. Mr. Tew also includes some comprehensive forms you can use to guide you along as to what you want to do. Following these guidelines can give you a head start in your planning efforts, and lower the cost of legal counsel (which you definitely want to follow through with, once you have created your plans). After getting your legal “blessing”, you are in business…

You can have a look at the similar courses by linking through the “books and courses” category on the site map at the top left-hand border of this discussion group right here on CREO.

Hope this helps, and many happy returns :wink:

David P. Butler