Real estate investment in Mysore road, Bangalore


Mysore road is one of the emerging residential corridors in Bangalore, Investing in this area will offer a high return on investment as this is the sorted out appreciable areas in Bangalore. It connects to the major parts of the city by stemming to Tank Bund Road, Pipeline Road, Chord Road, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore University Road, Kenchena Halli Road, Dr. Vishnuvarthan Road and NICE Ring Road.
The namma metro line extends to kangari which makes it more accessible to the major parts of city.
Navami Landmaark Apartments in Mysore road serves the purpose which is right exact location in-front of Bangalore university metro station.


Wow! I visited and was blown away. That apartment building project is truly a magnificent sight to behold.


Thanks for the feed back explore our other projects as well :grinning: