Real Estate License and Investing - Posted by Karansley78

Posted by I.R. on July 18, 2003 at 15:35:21:

Lots of active RE Agents & Brokers invest constantly for themselves. As long as your licensed status is fully divulged, you engage in no fraud, and you don’t mistreat people, you’ll be OK.

It is important to select a Broker & office which you respect as being honest & knowledgeable, so you will be able to watch & learn as you work. A good Broker, being absolutely and fully responsible for his/her agents, isn’t going to let you do anything crooked or that could possibly be damaging to him. Or you.

In the world of commercial RE, you’ll find that most Agents & Brokers spend lots of time on their own deals, and being licensed is very beneficial to them/us, in that it constantly brings new RE & deals by us so we get a first pick.

Real Estate License and Investing - Posted by Karansley78

Posted by Karansley78 on July 18, 2003 at 10:34:56:

I am interested in investing in Real Estate. With little knowledge of RE and all that would be involved, I decided to take a RE course and work as an agent. I have completed and passed the course but upon preparing for my state test I have run across a couple articles that state that having a RE license can actually work against me becuase of RE agent disclosure laws and other laws and regulations affecting RE agents, that will prevent me from investing successfully.
I was wondering if I could probably work as an agent for a couple years, gain some knowledge on RE and then let my license expire before I start to invest. Will I still have to tell people that I was RE agent? Would it be a waste of time and money to be an agent first?