Realtor Compensation - Posted by Wanna Be A Good Guy

Posted by Kristy on July 04, 2002 at 02:42:28:

You say you use your Realtor to find the properties and that you don’t want to sell your houses the conventional way. Question 1:
Do you still use the realtor to get your properties? If so, doesn’t he/she get a commission on them?
Question 2: Have you used that agent to sell properties before? Hence, they got a commission from that.
I would not sever the relationship as, if you cannot sell the properties on L/O or other Creative Financing, you may need that Realtor to market your houses. You left too many things out. Has your Realtor ever received a commission thru any deals you have bought or sold? How long have you used this Realtor? Plus, if you find buyers that can outright buy a home but don’t like yours, you could refer them to your Realtor so he/she can still get a commission from YOUR lead.

Realtor Compensation - Posted by Wanna Be A Good Guy

Posted by Wanna Be A Good Guy on July 04, 2002 at 24:41:09:

Hi everyone,

I’ve established a great relationship with a Real Estate Broker in town and he’s been kind enough to supply me with accurate comps for properties I’m coming across. He’s doing this service for me free, of course, because of the implication I will be selling through him.

Here’s the rub - I don’t wanna sell anymore properties I acquire using any RE agent/broker! Thanks to Creonline and the great minds in this forum I think I wanna dispose of future properties either using L/O’s or a Contract for Deed.

Now I wanna be fair to my RE broker and compensate him for his time and energy for pulling comps for me. What is a fair way to do that?

Should I pay him a flat fee for every property I acquire…and if so, what should that be? Or should I pay him a fee for every comp he looks up for me?

What do you think?


Wanna Be A Good Guy