Realtors can be frustrating sometimes!! - Posted by tarun_md

Posted by tarun_md on April 28, 1999 at 24:12:37:

I have been making offers on properties for wholesaling purposes(flipping) through realtors for some time now. All these offers were made through realtors who I DON’T work with anymore and it seems like every realtor who I talk to intitially wants to work with me and then after making 10-15 offers through them and getting rejected on them, they call me and tell me that they cant’ work with me anymore.

This is very frustrating, especially at a point when I feel that I have finally found a good realtor, I get a call that they don’t want to work with me anymore.

So far this has happened to me with 4 realtors. When I first make contact with a realtor, I explain to them clearly that I will be making a lot of offers through them on handyman type properties and a MAJORITY of them will get rejected or countered at or close to asking price. I further explain that a good follow up of my offers is very important, especially on the ones that got rejected or countered. I tell them that sometimes it could take months before a certain offer of mine gets accepted.

And guess what! they all tell me that I have found the right agent(them) and after getting rejected on 10-15 offers, they tell me that things are kind of slow and they can’t work with me anymore. Frustrating!!! Intitially I will recieve many faxes from them providing me with some good listings and eventually it will get fewer and fewer and fewer until I am not receiving any faxes from the realtor.

Am I doing something wrong or has this happend to anyone else also? Currently I have no realtors faxing me any leads and I have to start all over again to find another one. I could definitely use some encouragement. Everyone here on creonline is like family to me and I couldn’t have kept going without you guys, especially with all the negativity that is out there.

Thank you so much!