Reason #97 why I hate Modular - Posted by Jimmy

Posted by Jack on April 03, 2006 at 16:01:14:

I agree that buying new modular is generally a bad investment. But I think you may be mistaken regarding subfloors. Most new construction uses chipboard flooring, not plywood or particle board. Since particle baord is not any cheaper than chip board, I doubt they used particle board, but it is possible.

Reason #97 why I hate Modular - Posted by Jimmy

Posted by Jimmy on April 03, 2006 at 13:34:02:

I erected two modular duplexes in 2002 (Genesis Homes). I was really unhappy with the process back then (tons of omissions from construction budget, BS claims about saving money, finger-pointing when problems arose).

I am still very curious how resale of these things will go 5-7-10 years out. Mine are not holding up very well, and are aging rapidly. The seam where the two halves meets is clearly visible. The doors and windows are not plumb and square anymore. they look like mobile homes.

But there is a NEW PROBLEM. the subflooring in these things is particle board, and not plywood. This is one of the places the the factory cut big corners to keep their costs down. no reputable contrctor wold use this crap in subflooring, but the modular industry still clings to mobile-home thinking.

Tearing out the subfloor in the baths and kitchens is expensive, as I learned last week.

and the fact that they put carpet in the bathrooms made the problem even worse.

I was green back in 2002, and did not have the experience to anticipate the failure of the subflooringl or the stupidity of laying carpet in bathrooms.

Lesson to All: The modular salesmen are not your friends. They will allow inferior junk to be installed in your unit if you aren’t experienced enough to recognize what they are doing.

Re: Reason #97 why I hate Modular - Posted by jeffnc

Posted by jeffnc on April 04, 2006 at 11:20:16:

Like anything, WHICH modular company makes all the difference, I think. My father and our company have put up a dozen or so mods from Nationwide since the mid 80s…some for rent, some for spec. My father, who has built commercial and residential for almost 50 years, felt the product was as good or better than stick built when he first toured their plant in 85. The sheetrock is glued and screwed, and well as the exterior sheathing. The house is always dried in. It also has about 30% more wood than most stick builts. We’ve never had problems, and people cannot believe they are not site built. He built a 3500 square foot, brick veneer house for a customer that is beautiful.

I agree that the savings is less than advertised. The big savings is less subs to deal with and less time (less interest).

My advice to anyone considering modular:
-tour the plant…see the process, materials, etc. All mods are not the same.
-a square, level foundation is CRITICAL with a mod…you cannot make up for these later as you can with a stick built.
-a proper set is also critical. You can’t correct it once the crane pulls away. Demand that the set be absolutely perfect.

Particle board vs flake(chip) board… - Posted by David Krulac

Posted by David Krulac on April 03, 2006 at 18:37:13:

particle board is made of sawdust and glue, compressed together. often used in cheaper kitchen cabinets and cheaper furniture.

flakeboard, chipboard, OSB, etc is made from chips of wood, either scraps or from smaller, even crooked trees. superior to particle board, has some flex and some extra strenghth due to the stenghth of the chips themselves. also made with glue and compressed. often used on subfloors and roof sheathing.