Reason to avoid "tenants and toilets"..... - Posted by lyal

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Reason to avoid “tenants and toilets”… - Posted by lyal

Posted by lyal on December 02, 1999 at 12:27:58:

Our city government has decided that the way to handle problem renters is to punish the landlords.

A quote from Tuesday’s edition of the local paper:

"“We are going to make life real miserable for landlords who rent to disorderly tenants,” said Council President John Hunziker during Monday’s discussion.

Gee…I guess we’ll just have to add a “Are you planning to be disorderly?” question to the rental application.

Local landlord was fined $2000.00 partly because there were 4 “disorderly conduct” police calls to the property in less than a year (it also didn’t help that her rental property permit had expired in June).

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Re: Reason to avoid “tenants and toilets”… - Posted by Rob FL

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The real problem is that a few “slumlords” end up giving most landlords a bad name. I totally agree, if the tenants had the police come out there 4 times in one year, the landlord should get fined. The landlord is doing a poor job at landlording and protecting their investment.

Luckily I haven’t had tenants do this to me, but they have tried other things like storing junk cars or appliances around the property. First time it happened, the neighbor called me (luckily no code enforcement officers), I gave the tenant the required 7-day notice to comply with the lease or move. They quickly cleaned up.

The second time this happened, I terminated the lease and told them it would be renewed at a $50 per month increase and only if the junk was cleaned up. They moved.

Then they make it difficult to evict! Catch 22?? - Posted by Carmen

Posted by Carmen on December 02, 1999 at 15:56:38:

Unless they give you the rigth to evict with no notice (or, say, one-day’s notice) and with no recourse to the landlord if an eviction takes place, how are you supposed to handle these “disruptive tenants” and avoid these fees?

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